Accounting Checkups™

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accounting-checkupFollowing the release of our Economic Design Method™ from the Lab last year, this month we’re happy announce the release of our latest Lab creation — the Accounting Checkup™.

With the right design and setup, small businesses using the Xero online platform can automate 70% or more of their day-to-day accounting. But there’s still that last bit, where a trained eye makes the difference between accurate numbers that fuel smart business decisions, or figures gone awry. A new type of transaction you’re not sure what to do with, a hiccup in your automatic bank feed, a slip of the mouse click — these events can gum up your results. By the time you get to the end of the year, you don’t know if you can fully trust your numbers, compounded by the fact that they’ll now be used to calculate your taxes – yikes!

We’ve designed the Accounting Checkup to answer this situation. It’s a way for our team to periodically look at your financial numbers during the year to verify key amounts tie out properly (like bank and payroll), identify totals which look out of sorts, and scan through transactions that may have wandered into the wrong category. In addition, we’ll check out any trouble areas you suspect may be off, and then summarize our analysis into an easy-to-read report that we go over with you. At the end, we’ll even provide suggestions for ways you can simplify or enhance your financial process to make them even better. It’s like a ten-point quality inspection that keeps you running smoothly, and catches those snags before they become a bigger (and harder to fix) problem long after the year is over.

To benefit from having an Accounting Checkup(s)™ for your small business, you can update your Value Pak, and you’ll be directing your business with greater confidence in its results!