Entrepreneurs blazing new paths inevitably face complexities that sap momentum from the future they envision. We believe a routine of reflection with a good business coach, coupled with regular insights from your own CFO, empower you with a clarified path to unstick the progress you want to see.


Your business model is clearly defined & directs attention to the right areas



Every quarter you take stock of the big picture & clarify the next three most important steps
Your profit model is properly constructed to create returns
Each month you evaluate financial performance & adapt from the learnings
     The result? You’re directing the course of your business, not vice versa.


Put our team’s expertise to work for you and begin traveling down your Clarified Path:


Typical conversations in this area include: business coaching, business modeling, cashflow forecasts, identifying what truly matters for you, KPI dashboards, business strategy, prioritizing 90-day goals, celebrating successes, business management concepts, and more.
And our unique tools like The Simple Path™, Financial Design Method™, Business Model Canvas, Entrepreneurial Insights e-Letter, and more, make the difference.