Tools & Checklists for 2023 Small Business & Individual Tax Returns
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When it comes to small business finances, checklists are the only way ensure you complete what’s needed and avoid forgetting something that’ll cause you a problem … Read More

2023 – 2024 Tax Law Changes for Small Businesses & Their Owners
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Here’s a list to look through for changes to tax law that can benefit you or your small business. Laws are constantly changing, and a few … Read More

Serendipity vs. Strategy for Entrepreneurs
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There Is No Plan. Perhaps strange coming from a team specializing in business strategy and financial design for entrepreneurs. But stick with me . . . … Read More

2022 Tax Tips, Checklists, & Tools
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     2022 marked the final waning of most major COVID-19 disruptions, but its ripple effects still remain and will likely continue for years to come. … Read More

2021 Tax Tips, Checklists, & Tools
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Important tax changes took place for 2021, and it’s quite possible there’s more coming mid-season. We’ve highlighted key changes for both businesses and individuals below, plus … Read More

Steer Small Business Risks using a Solid Finance Tech Platform
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So many entrepreneurs make their entrepreneurial leaps from shaky instead of solid platforms, reducing the probability of landing where they intend. A solid finance function is … Read More

What Did & Didn’t Get Postponed for Tax Day 2021?
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This year’s Tax Day postponement to May 17 works differently than last year’s – scan below to ensure you take action at the right time and … Read More

2020 Tax Law Changes + Checklist for Your Tax Return
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With all the unique events of 2020, it’s especially important to have your records in tip-top shape lest a missed item result in unnecessarily higher taxes … Read More

Applying for PPP Second Draw Small Business Loans
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The same, but different — “PPP” is now familiar to every small business, but not everything about the re-opened Payroll Protection Program is the same. Here’s … Read More

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