Synchronizing the Four Activity Centers of Your Business
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Every business is unique, but each needs to perform a common set of activities in order to remain strong and effective. Like eating, breathing, and sleeping, … Read More

How to Judge Your Company’s Financial Standing
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Your Income Statement reveals your business’ ability to generate profits, but it’s your Balance Sheet that lets you know how strong your business’ current financial standing … Read More

Working with a Creative & Modern CPA Firm
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How you leverage your CPA firm makes a big difference, as does their perspective on business. Unaware, you could find yourself in a low-potential relationship that’s … Read More

New Tax Strategies for the New Tax Law
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Every change in the tax law presents an opportunity to enhance your business’ tax optimization strategy, and the massive tax law passed last December (the Tax … Read More

Empowering Your Business with Cloud Financial Apps
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When you use technology smartly, your business gets the double impact of greater effectiveness and less effort. Which is why if you haven’t looked at cloud … Read More

5 Important Ways to Evaluate Your Business’ Profit
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The most important segment of The Business Infinity Loop™ is the intersection – the space where the entrepreneur sits, learns, and adapts. Here hypotheses are suggested, disproved, … Read More

Bad Tax Moves for Entrepreneurs to Avoid
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One of the hardest things for us to witness as business advisors and coaches is when entrepreneurs make self-defeating tax decisions because they’re unable to overcome … Read More

Hubdoc joins The Elements Platform!
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Elements CPA is happy to announce Hubdoc has joined The Elements Platform! Our team is constantly on the lookout for the best financial apps to make … Read More

Design Your Business Finances with the Value Bar
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Making sense of your company’s finances can be cumbersome, especially when further muddled by confusing accounting and tax rules. Instead, we believe good financial design should … Read More

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