Changing the question of poverty to wealth
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“Feeling good about yourself, is not the same as doing good.” -Theodore Dalrymple The “problem” of poverty is one which has befuddled humanity for centuries. And … Read More

The Financial Design Method™
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The Problem: Traditional Financial Design The IRS. The bank. The accountant. These are all parties who use your financial information, but they’re not the ones creating … Read More

Filing Tax Extensions
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There can be good reasons to file an extension for your tax return: anything from a broader tax filing strategy, to waiting on missing forms. For … Read More

Making Money: Understanding Costs 1
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The mathematical formula for making money is simple: Sales – Costs = Profits. The real-world reality, is a little more complicated. But it need not be … Read More

Where’s my refund?
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If you have the good fortune of expecting a tax refund, all that’s needed after filing your return is to await its arrival. Direct deposit is … Read More

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