Our Status & Response to Coronavirus
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Here’s what’s going on with our firm as a result of Coronavirus — we’ll be updating this post with the latest, so be sure to check … Read More

Design the Prices in your Business’ Profit Model
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Critically thinking through the design of your business’ prices can yield significant results to the bottom line, not to mention relieve operational pressures and enable investments … Read More

Tips & Checklists for 2019 Business & Individual Tax Returns
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Congress changed fewer tax laws for 2019 than last year’s landslide, but there’s still meaningful savings out there for businesses and individuals. Read on for some … Read More

Checkups that Sharpen your Business Financial Analysis
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Without a routine of checkups, your business’ financial records will drift away from accuracy and paint the wrong picture, hampering your ability to learn and adapt … Read More

Avoid Common Tax Penalties in Your Small Business
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Paying IRS tax penalties is painful and wasteful, but knowing where the tripwires are and proactively avoiding them will save you money and headaches. Here’s a … Read More

Applying a ‘Design Attitude’ to Your Business
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How you think about your business has a massive impact on how/if it flourishes. By applying the mindset of a ‘business designer’ instead of a ‘business … Read More

How to Assemble Your Business’ Finance Team
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Knowing what business finance tasks need to be done and the different financial professionals available to help, will give you the confidence to assemble a team that … Read More

2018 Tax Filing Highlights
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As always, our goal is that designing your tax and automating your finances means that tax day is a non-event. If you’re a member of our … Read More

Choosing a Small Business Health Tax Plan
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Healthcare costs aren’t cheap, but you can lower the bill for both you and your team by using one of the tax plans available to small … Read More

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