Alcides Montiel

Design Enabler

I enjoy interacting with entrepreneurs/business owners and assisting in the development of their business opportunities and growth.

What’s one of your favorite customer stories?

A number of years ago when I was working in another area, a small dairy farm owner was complaining on how much time he spent in preparing sales reports and tracking inventory. During the following visit, he asked me to assist him in elaborating both reports. He was surprised that I handed them a couple of minutes later! And I introduced him to small business accounting software. That was then, now there are so many new tools and applications that interact with each other making business owners efficient in managing their time and giving new found abilities.

If you had to spend a $1,000 on something fun, what would it be?

I would to do a cross-country train trip with my wife stopping at rural towns to enjoy the food and hospitality.


Alcides obtained a Bachelor’s (BBA) in Finance and a Certificate in Banking from Florida International University and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Interntaional Business and Finance from the University of Toledo, Ohio. Prior to joining ElementsCPA, Alcides served over 20 years in the foreign service as Chief of Staff of the Lead Negotiator in Washington, DC and as Deputy Chief to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.